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Donald Trump’s foreign policy is becoming everything he said he hated
About half a dozen recent reversals show he is more of Washington than against it.
"In the span of one week, President Donald Trump has completely abandoned nearly half a dozen major pledges on US foreign policy that he made during his campaign."

What’s really behind Donald Trump’s flip-flops
Here’s how it works. Trump the candidate makes all kinds of promises about radical change, blowing up the system, sweeping into Washington and remaking it from top to bottom. Many of the things he says are substantively ridiculous and born of ignorance, but none of his aides bother to tell him. Because who really cared back then? He wasn’t going to sit down for extended policy instruction, and the campaign seemed to be working pretty well anyway.

But now he’s president, and instead of just making statements he’s making policy. So when one of these issues comes up, there’s a good chance someone will say, “Well actually sir, that could be a really bad idea.” They’ll explain why, and since Trump doesn’t really care about the substance of any of it, he’ll change his position.

He wasn't lying. He didn't have a clue. He learned everything he knew about our government from Fox News and the Right-wing talk machine. The problem is that so did about 50% of the voters.  

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