MIddle Class

Stumbling and Mumbling:
 If the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting better off, then for a given level of income, somebody must be getting worse off. The “Blairite society” of super-rich but little poverty is one in which the middle class is relatively poor.

I think this is what pisses-off the American middle class. We spent a couple of generations taking care of the poor, bringing them up a little with social programs. Then over the last generation or two we took care of the rich with tax cuts and free-for-all capitalism. Now the middle class folks look around and see themselves without healthcare, pensions, college for their kids and hopelessly in debt living like the poor all so the poor can have a little and the rich can have a lot. They feel pretty damned poor and wonder why they are working so hard to just be one of the poor. They should be pissed.  

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