Syrian Chemical Attack

How Does Media Know What Happened In Syria Chemical Attack?:
While the images and videos of children struggling to breathe and survive is sickening, there must be some sober consideration about the realities on the ground in Syria. The truth is hard to come by because both the Syrian regime and several of the militant groups involved in the opposition have records of spreading propaganda and manipulating facts. It is up to the press to be more careful in scrutinizing information so the country does not become further destroyed by the deployment of more military forces, even if those forces are supposedly humanitarian.

Exactly. The truth is hard to come by.

Remember back when the war-hawks and media were pushing Obama to draw a line in the sand on Syria? After much hounding, he finally said that use of chemical weapons would be that line, if Syria uses chemical weapons, we will respond. Then, boom, out of nowhere, a "Syrian Army" chemical weapons attack.

It seemed obvious to me at the time that this was all setup to pull us into Syria. Hammer on Obama for a line-in-the-sand, fake a crossing of the line, and boom we're in another war in the Middle east.

Except, the attack couldn't be verified. The Syrian government may have been responsible but there were also reports that the rebels pulled it off. No one ever produced any good evidence either way. The Obama government at one point admitted that they couldn't confirm who was responsible and worked with the Russians to clean up the mess.

As far as I know, there weren't any reports of chemical attacks after the world realized that Obama was not going full throttle into Syria even if they crossed the line. They just stopped. My guess is those responsible realized the ploy wasn't going to work so they just gave up and waited for another chance.

Now Obama is gone, Trump is an idiot who could use something like this to divert attention from his administration's issues. The time seems right for those who want yet another front in the never ending Great Middle-Eastern War and boom .. "Syrian Army Chemical Weapon Attack!!"

Maybe, but the truth is hard to come by.



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