Syrian Chemical Attack

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Trump Fires Missiles on Syrian Airbase | Ian Welsh:

First, there is no good reason to think Assad even did this. It makes no sense. The war wasn’t over yet but the end was certain, barring US intervention. Trump had just said a couple of days ago we were staying out of it. Peace talks were on the way. So why would Assad, who resisted using chemical weapons throughout a multi-year war, including when the IS were making huge gains, suddenly use them now, when there was no point to it whatsoever, it aided him not in the slightest from any conceivable angle, but it was just about the only thing he could do (if he even could, the only chemical weapons actually known to be in Iraq were in the hands of jihadi rebels) that could turn the tide against him? This makes no sense. Assad has shown no signs of severe dementia or having a death wish previously, and that’s what it would take to do this, from his point of view.

On top of that, the prime sources blaming Assad are all people who hate Assad and prefer the jihadis, or in some cases ARE the jihadi rebels. NBC is interviewing a doctor who seems likely to have been involved in kidnapping journalists for the Daesh to kill
And the entire pattern of the story, right down to invoking murdered children and “chemical weapons” is strikingly reminiscent of the crap Bush I and later Bush II used to push the two Iraq invasions. Trump has made fun of this himself in the past. What gives?

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