The Elite vs Fox News

Fox News undermines a free, independent press
Fox, in short, now is practically indistinguishable from Breitbart — and in some cases, RT. It has become the purveyor of falsehoods and propaganda, not a member of an independent media tasked with holding elected leaders accountable.
".. now is practically indistinguishable from Breitbart".


Where the hell has the Post staff been the last 20 years. Fox has been like this since day one.

We hear about it now because they are the elite's bad guy of the month.

The US ruling class will put up with anything as long as it's not interfering with their world. Jerry Sandusky, while his teams are winning and he's making money for the college. Bill Cosby, while media giants are making money off of him. Pro athletes. 600$ epi-pens. Hell, even Trump, as long as he was making them some money, they'd let him bilk investors, welch on debts, and bad-mouth the Kenyan-Muslim.

It's all good until it outlives it's usefulness to or embarrasses our rulers. Then watch out.

Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, and Fox News were an evil that the elite were willing to let poison people's minds, right up to the point those poisoned minds combined to blow the elite's world up by electing the stupid, uncontrollable Trump.

Now the elite are taking them down.


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