The man is just not that smart. The latest Trump interview once again reveals appalling ignorance and dishonesty - Vox:

And maybe just a little out of touch. Donald Trump has no idea what health insurance costs 
“Insurance is, you’re 20-years-old, you just graduated from college, and you start paying $15 a month for the rest of your life and you really need it, you’re still paying the same amount and that’s really insurance,” Trump says.
And maybe just a little fucking crazy

On the future USS Ford-class carriers
You know the catapult is quite important. So I said what is this? Sir, this is our digital catapult system. He said well, we’re going to this because we wanted to keep up with modern [technology]. I said you don’t use steam anymore for catapult? No sir. I said, "Ah, how is it working?" "Sir, not good. Not good. Doesn’t have the power. You know the steam is just brutal. You see that sucker going and steam’s going all over the place, there’s planes thrown in the air."
It sounded bad to me. Digital. They have digital. What is digital? And it’s very complicated, you have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out. And I said–and now they want to buy more aircraft carriers. I said what system are you going to be–"Sir, we’re staying with digital." I said no you’re not. You going to goddamned steam, the digital costs hundreds of millions of dollars more money and it’s no good.

I put my money on this being the real reason for the Comey firing: Gaius Publius: Trump – A Nation in Crisis, Again

What particularly angered him [Trump], the reports say, was Comey saying it made him “mildly nauseous” to think the FBI may have swayed the election.

This hit right at President Trump’s psychological weak spot – the legitimacy of his victory in the election.

Mr Trump frequently talks up the size of his win in November and often disparages people, or photos, or agencies that suggest he didn’t win big…

Mr Trump hated what he heard in Mr Comey’s testimony. It made him angry, he felt disparaged and he hit back. This, we understand, was Mr Trump’s MO as a business man…

He does act pretty thin-skinned about his win. Trump to display map of 2016 election results in the White House: report

President Trump is planning on hanging a map displaying his 2016 Electoral College victory in the White House, according to a report.

One America News Network White House reporter spotted the framed map being carried through the White House by a Trump staffer.

"Spotted: A map to be hung somewhere in the West Wing," the reporter tweeted.

Trump has often brought up his election victory over Hillary Clinton in the months since he took office. In April, the Washington Post's White House bureau chief reported that Trump had asked the Post to run the election map on the front page of their newspaper.

Days before, Trump interrupted another interview with a Reuters reporter to pass out copies of the map showing his victory.

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