Abortion or Guns?

I'll take ancient losing battles for a thousand Alex

Guns, not abortion, is the D problem in the rural areas of middle-America. Sure the abortion issue hurts them some with the evangelicals but guns, now they are the ticket to the rural male voter.

Them ex-D, turned Trump voters love them some guns. They grew up with guns in the house, they hunt, they blow the hell out of road signs and beer cans.  Guns are fun and they are fucking important to the people out here.

Hell, even the few remaining union voters out here now vote R because of their stance on guns.

The D's have lost this one.

If you stick to the gun control message you are going to lose every election in fly-over country. Sure you stuck to you guns, so to speak, but you'll never be back in power.

What's more important? Staying on the anti-gun message or having the control to put some progressive legislation in place?

A progressive message with a pro-gun stance can win out here.

Quit fucking around


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