Israel vs What's right

Israel, such a nice country. Steal the land around a Palestinian village, then take the solar panels the Dutch donated so the village could have electricity.

From Haaretz

The Dutch government has lodged a protest with Israel over the confiscation of equipment donated to the Palestinian village of Jubbet Adh-Dhib's hybrid power system (diesel and solar powered), according to a written statement of the Dutch foreign ministry, sent to Haaretz by the Netherlands' office in Ramallah 
The Dutch government donated 500 thousand euros to the electrification project south west of Bethlehem in the West Bank, 350 thousand euro of which went to the electrification of Jubbet Adh-Dhib. The Dutch Foreign ministry had requested Israel return the equipment and is "currently assessing what next steps can be taken,"  it said. 
A source close to Dutch diplomats in the West Bank told Haaretz that these softly worded statements cover the anger brewing in the government of the Netherlands, a close friend of Israel's, at the damage to the humanitarian project.
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