Three articles on Brazil's corruption.

A good one from a Glenn Greenwald who i believe lives there.

Brazil’s Corrupt Congress Protects its Bribe-Drenched President, Finalizing Elites’ Two-Year Plot:

One from the BBC claiming to be "All you need to know" that is really bad. I would call it "What the US and UK capitalist elite want you to know" focusing on left wing corruption while just touching on the current regimes massive corruption.

Brazil corruption scandals: All you need to know

This one is not much better than the BBC basically ignoring the current leadership's corruption issues because the people are just "tired of corruption" since the left-wing trials.

Weary from scandals, Brazilians shrug at probe of President Michel Temer

I think GG's version is basically correct. What's really happened is a two year overthrow of the elected government because they wouldn't play by the global elite's rules.

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