Brazil’s Corruption

GG unloads on Brazil's corrupt elite. Paid for, at least in part, by US hedge funds.

Brazil’s Corrupt Congress Protects its Bribe-Drenched President, Finalizing Elites’ Two-Year Plot:

"Just think about that: in the country that, just over a year ago, pretended to be so morally offended by Rousseff’s budgetary tricks that they simply had to remove her from office, they have now all listened to the President they installed endorsing the payment of bribes to ensure the silence of witnesses. They played the recordings on television. Everyone heard Temer, in his own voice, just a few months ago, participate in blatant crimes. He was shortly thereafter indicted by the country’s top prosecutor – the first-ever sitting President to be formally charged with common crimes while in office. 
A month later, evidence emerged that Temer personally received ample bribes, accompanied by disclosure of a video of one of his closest aides carrying a suitcase full of cash after Temer directed bribe payments. How can you have a country – especially one that spent a year with its elites pretending to be revolted by low-level budgetary maneuvers – run by someone who everyone has seen and heard wallowing in bribery and witness silencing?"

"Temer went to New York in September and, speaking to a group of hedge fund tycoons and foreign policy elites, explicitly admitted that the real reason Dilma was impeached was her resistance to greater austerity. Every time it looks as if Temer is in danger, the Brazilian currency and stock market are punished; when it looks as if he will survive, they rally. That’s because he’s the instrument for austerity. Temer’s Finance Minister wasted no time after the vote in announcing that the austerity “reforms” they are desperate to impose will again be introduced now that he has been saved."

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