About That Swamp - Kevin Warsh

The word is Trump is looking at Kevin Warsh for the Chariman of the FED.

Mr. Warsh seems to be about as deep in the swamp as you can get. A product of Stanford, Harvard, Wall Street, and the Bush administration, super wealthy, married to the heir to Estee Lauder fortune.

Should mesh well with those common-man Trump voters out in the rural wastelands.

More on Mr. Warsh.

New Fed Playbook? Yellen Out? Warsh In? | MishTalk:
"In addition to his conservative and intellectual credentials, he also has a vital personal connection — his wife is Jane Lauder, daughter of Ronald Lauder, a longtime Trump pal and heir to the Estee Lauder cosmetics giant."
Wikipedia and  Muckety
Kevin Maxwell Warsh (born April 13, 1970), is an American financier, lawyer, government official and academic.[1][2] During and in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Warsh was a governor of the Federal Reserve System, and acted as the central bank's primary liaison to Wall Street.[3] 

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