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Congress does like it military. (emphasis below by tnb)

The Senate’s Military Spending Increase Alone Is Enough to Make Public College Free:

The bill would set the U.S.’s annual military budget at around $700 billion, putting it within range of matching the spending level at the height of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

To put that in further perspective: if the package becomes law, U.S. military spending would exceed the total spending of its next 10 rivals put together, going off of 2016 military spending estimates from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Put another way, with a $700 billion military budget, the U.S. would be spending more than three times as much as China on its military, and ten times as much as Russia. According to SIPRI, the U.S. already accounts for more than a third of all military spending: 
Or with $80 billion a year you could make public colleges and universities in America tuition-free. In fact, Sanders’ proposal was only estimated to cost the federal government $47 billion per year.
If the additional military spending over the next ten years instead went to pay off student debt, it could come close to wiping it out entirely.

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