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How AI Could Change Amazon: A thought experiment – Digitopoly: Interesting.

The NRA’s Latest Terrorist Attack on U.S. Soil: I like guns but not the NRA. I'd be OK with labeling it a terrorist organization.

Are States Really More Efficient Than the Federal Government? - The Atlantic:  If states were better than the Feds, wouldn't the logic indicate a county would be better than a state? A city better than a state? Why not let my township make the decisions for its people? City-block rights!

A Running List of Ways You Can Donate to Help Cover Las Vegas Victims’ Medical Bills: Pressure your politician to support medicare for all.

Masquerading Hackers Are Forcing a Rethink of How Attacks Are Traced: Short version is .. we don't really know who hacked anything.

Ivanka, Jared Have Third Email Account, Private Server At Trump Tower | Crooks and Liars: Not a word about this on Fox Propaganda or Drudge. I'd guess they won't be screaming to lock them up.

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