Tucker Carlson and Taxes

Tucker Carlson doesn't want to pay more taxes. Tucker

Tucker Carlson - Wikipedia

Tucker Carlson is the elder son of Richard Warner Carlson, a former Los Angeles news anchor and U.S. ambassador to the Seychelles who was president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and director of Voice of America.[3] His mother is Patricia Caroline Swanson (born 1945), former wife of Howard Feldman and an heiress to the Swanson food-conglomerate fortune.[3][4] He has a brother, Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson.[5][6] A great-uncle was Sen. J. William Fulbright.[4]

He attended St. George's School, a boarding school in Newport, Rhode Island. After graduation, he majored in History at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

He's just one of the privleged elite trying to hold on to his wealth, the wealth he got the old fashioned way,... inheriting it.


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