Wikileaks - AIPAC

From Juan Cole found here: Is AIPAC a Wikileaks Operation? Informed Comment

What Steven Rosen is alleging is that AIPAC, which arranges for millions to go to the campaigns of American politicians, is in essence a Wikileaks operation, only instead of posting the ferreted-out classified material to the Web, they channel it to the Israeli government. (Of course, the Israeli government sometimes acts as a Wikileaks as well; Seymour Hersh was told by US intelligence officials that Israel shared with the Soviets some of the intel it got from spy Jonathan Pollard.)

Whether the allegations about AIPAC routine spying are true or not, Rosen and Weissman certainly did exactly the same thing Julian Assange did, and yet they are free men.

Wikileaks is not an AIPAC operation but but we let a couple of AIPAC guys go free for doing the same thing and there were no calls to treat them as terrorists.


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  1. It’s a fact that secrets are hard to keep. No one can stop it. Cork out of the bottle. Problem ? Yust as mucht the printed book once was. Question: what’s next: E-Power to the people. Direct webvoting democracy with a lot of transparency. Technology brings revolution, it always did.