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No-More-Mr-Nice-Blog is right on top of the Propaganda Network's crap these days. Here's another example of the Fox News version of "Fair and Balanced"

No More Mister Nice Blog

Here's the actual description of the new press secretary's career.

"CAREER: Time magazine Washington bureau chief, 2005-2008; Time assistant bureau chief in Washington, 2003-2005; Time reporter in Washington, 1993-2003; Time reporter in Moscow, 1990-1993; Time Miami bureau chief, 1989-90; Reporter for Miami Herald, 1987-1988."

Here's Fox Nation's Slanted view.

"Former TIME Mag Moscow Chief to replace Robert Gibbs"

Of course all good Teabaggers know that "Moscow Chief" means "just another communist in the Obama Administration".

Thanks NMMNB


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