Indiana Farmland Values Robust

State farmland values robust | Palladium-Item

Farmland values are rising? Imagine that. I'd guess that having a government welfare program that pays farmers/landowners for every acre of farmland they own has something to do with it.

Here's a link to the top Farmer Welfare recipients in Wayne county in 2009 and from 1995-2009

Wayne County Farm Subsidies 2009

Wayne County Farm Subsidies Total 1995 to 2009

I'm not completely against farm subsidies, they have their place though I think we do over do it. Mostly though, I don't like the hypocritical aspect of the farmers. I believe the dominant Indiana farmer belief is that of a Tea-Bagger, free-market, Fox News watcher, that the government is too big, should cut taxes to the bone and stop paying for all those dead-beats who won't work. Yet the farmer class, one of the weathiest, most powerfull in the area, receives millions to keep them afloat (820 Farms got $6.7 million in Wayne county in 2009). If they can't run the farm like a business and survive, they should be in another line of work. or,... at least stop bitching about about the government and turn Fox news off.


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