A Medical Journey

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Everyone I know has stories like this. Almost everyone I know hates their insurance company with a passion. Yet,... no one I know wants to change.

How can this be?



  1. Yeah, but to a great extent his problems were the result of inclement weather conditions. The moral of the story is not so much that the system is hopelessly flawed as that you shouldn't cut it too fine, in case of contingencies.

  2. Some of the problems were weather related, most were systemic, but why should weather matter. If I'm in Iowa, the doctor is in Iowa, the pharmacist is in Iowa, why should a freak snowstorm in Atlanta prevent me from getting my medication? The problem is too many layers of crap.

    People give the government hell about being bloated and inefficient, but every big corporation I deal with has terrible service they're all about the same as the IRS. You can never get to the person that can help you, Your forever in the phone system/on hold/cut-off, people continually fail to do what they've promised, paperwork is lost, data mis-entered it's a mess.

    With a nationwide, medicare-for-all system, there would have been only one provider and that provider covered everyone so the pharmacist could have given the medicine and known that he'd be reimbursed. A lot of headaches disappear.