This from Naked Capitalism hits at the real media and D issue with Trump.
The headline: “Stop Writing ‘Trump’s America’ Profiles” [US News]. The deck: “Those of us who live here want to read about solutions, not be treated like foreign curiosities.” More: “We don’t want to diagnose Trumpism. We want the antidote. And you’d be surprised how many Trump voters do too. He’s a middle-finger to a broken system, not a means to fix it.” As I kept saying…

Voters didn't care about Trump all that much it's just that they are pissed at a system that takes care of itself and it's big business buddies.

In the primaries, votes for Bernie were a big FU to the D's side of the system and votes for Trump were a big FU to the R's side of the system.

In the general election, the D's went with their system choice and voters screamed FU to whole god-damned system and pulled the handle for Trump.

Bernie would have had a chance but nooooo.... the D's had to run the most establishment candidate of the last 30 years and the years voters screamed "FU".

2:00PM Water Cooler 12/29/2017 | naked capitalism:

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