Fake News

I don't understand why you never see the normal, crappy media calling out Trump and Fox News?

Fox has been a propaganda tool of the R's for years now. Turning out fake stories and manufactured scandals, driving up the rage as needed but no major media source ever calls on it. The others play nice while Fox kicks their ass. WTF?

I think it's a bully versus the nerd thing. The major media has been playing by certain rules for ever. Yeah, they're crappy. They screw up stories, slant stories but it's basically in good faith. They are trying to get it right they're just not very good but...... they play nice or at least by the rules.

Fox said fuck that... lets give them short skirts and something to be pissed off about. Fuck the truth. We'll make our own truth.  So they did and it worked by delivering an enraged R base ready to vote against any corrupt, god-damned, main-stream backed liberal, out there.

Those nice news services just didn't know how to handle it. They played along for a while, just accepting that Fox was real and letting them drive every news cycle, until Fox delivered Trump, the Fox News President

But now, eyes have been opened. The center has seen what a focused propaganda arm can do and with Trump hammering "fake news" everyday, I get a sense that the nerds have just about had enough.

It's going to be an ugly couple of years

A stunning new study shows that Fox News is more powerful than we ever imagined - Vox:

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