Fox News Lying again.

Fox Lies then plays its part as the Trump propaganda network

Why Trump's promise to move US embassy to Jerusalem is so controversial | Fox News:

"It should be moved because we have to once and for all end this propaganda myth that Jerusalem is holy for Muslims,” Klein told Fox News."

A quick google search leads to this...

Also, Fox plays its part as the Trump propaganda network with this...

The Fox front page today, Dec 5, has a headline about the US pulling out of UN agency over anti-Israeli bias. Having it on the front page today makes it seem like its current and lets all the bible-bangers know that Trump is really watching out for Israel.

But... the article is old news, from  From October 12

Here's a more realistic article

Jerusalem: Turkey warns Trump against crossing 'red line'  including.....

Since 1967, Israel has built a dozen settlements, home to about 200,000 Jews, in East Jerusalem. These are considered illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.

If the US recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital, it will put it out-of-step with the rest of the international community and reinforce Israel's position that settlements in the east are valid Israeli communities.

What has been the international reaction?

French President Emmanuel Macron told Donald Trump he is "concerned" the US leader could unilaterally recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, saying any decision on its status must be "within the framework of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians".

The European Union, part of the so-called Middle East Quartet of mediators which includes the US, the UN and Russia, warned of "serious repercussions on public opinion in large parts of the world".

Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul Gheit warned it would be "a dangerous measure that would have repercussions".

Saudi Arabia said such a move before a final settlement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would "have a detrimental impact on the peace process".

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has urged world leaders to intervene, saying "such a US decision would destroy the peace process".

Jordan, custodian of Islamic sites in Jerusalem, has warned of "grave consequences".

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