Presidential Approval Ratings

A few of things stand out in this "Presidential Approval" graphic from Hullabaloo:

1. Today's presidents are never going to do much better than a 50% approval rating. The two party system has forced us into two relatively equal sized camps and the opposition camp is always going to disapprove of the man in the White house. The propaganda arms are too strong and third parties too weak.

2. Trump is unusually low. He may have looked presidential on TV but he sure as hell doesn't in real life. He's an arrogant, mouthy, bullshitter who would be selling used cars on a side street in Jersey if he hadn't been born so god-damned rich.

3. Americans will get behind their leader, any leader, in a hurry.  You can be one of the weakest,  dip-shit presidents of the current era with an approval rating hovering at around 50% and the country will instantly think you're the greatest if we're attacked. 

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