Wave Election of 2018

Why the Wave Election of 2018 Could Mean Nothing | Ian Welsh

Mr. Welsh is right. We're trapped by a two party system where neither care about the actual voters so we throw the bums out only to get a new batch of bums to throw out the next time.
  • Bill C and the D's are the new D's
    • Wrong !!!! Change congress!!! New set of the Bums !!!! 
  • Newt and the Contract with Merica
    • Wrong !!!! Change !!! New set of the Bums !!!!
  • Bill hands Al G. the Keys.
    • Wrong !!!! Change !!! New set of the Bums !!!!
  • Karl Rove - "R majorities far as the eye can see."
    • Wrong !!!! Change Congress!!! New set of the Bums !!!! 
  • Obama. Change is a comin'!!
    • Wrong !!!! Change congress!!! New set of the Bums !!!! 
  • It's Hillary or Jeb's turn.
    • Wrong !!!! Trump!! Now you're all fucked.
Actually we rarely get new bums, they' usually just recycled old bums from the other side.  I remember when Fox and The Teabaggers were mad because there was a brown-skinned, Kenyan, Muslim in the White House so Indiana and Ohio voters "Voted for Change" and chose Dan Coats and Mike DeWine, two old, career, R politician/lobbyist bums.

DeWine and Coats? Change? WTF?

Now the D's in Indiana are hinting at bringing back Evan Bayh!!

Evan-fucking-Bayh? WTF? kill-me-now.

How can Evan Bayh help at all!? again... just kill me now..

Anyway, we are close to four parties,
  • D-left
    • Bernies group 
    • Young, poor, diverse, and growing.
    • 25%
  • D-establishment
    • The HRC folks and anyone calling themselves a D in DC or the corporate media. 
    • Old, rich, and stumbling or really, fell flat on their face.
    • 30%
  • R-Establishment
    • Almost extinct? Bruce Bartlett, only remaining example I can name.
    • White, pro-business
    • 5% ? They have to be out there somewhere. 
  • R-Far Right
    • Trump and the Fox News Watchers. 
    • Old (except for the Fox News girls and a few white supremacists ), white and poor. peaked with Trump
    • 40%

The voters look like this to me but the two parties still hold the keys. Neither can split without giving the next election to the other so, unless like Ian Welsh says, one party wins and really delivers to the voters, I think we're stuck ping-ponging between the two sets of bums we have.

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