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Ex-DNC chair: Biden would 'win overwhelmingly' against Trump in 2020 | TheHill:

Biden? Really?  Yeah, he might win win against Trump but what the hell does a Biden win do to set the U.S on a better path?

He's part of the D establishment that led directly to Trump in the first place. A middle-of-the-road, big city, business-suit D that speaks pretty well on social issues but plays the DC-Pol-Lobby-big-money game as well as anyone and has no connection with anyone except establishment D's 

The voters are pissed off at a system that favors big money and corporate interest over people. They put that on display pretty well in the last election throwing 50% or more of their votes to rebels in Sanders and Trump in the primaries and electing a moron that they though was from outside the system.

The D leaders look at that and think Biden is the man?

Talk about out of touch.

(in fairness, I said "D leaders" but this post quotes Ed Rendell. Maybe trial balloon and D leaders aren't pushing for Biden but Ed Rendell seems to be. He's an out of touch idiot.)

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