The Cotton Doctrine

Tom Cotton, is dangerous and should be kept as far as possible from the levers of power.

 The Cotton Doctrine: More Wars, Less Security | The National Interest Blog:

Another early fan was the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. A profile in November 2012 described the congressman-elect as “no ordinary freshman.” “Cotton certainly advocates a strong U.S. presence in the world,” Rubin noted approvingly. “You may be tired of war,” he recalled saying during the campaign, “but war is not tired of you.”

Cotton explained his preferred approach to negotiations, as reported by The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin: “One thing I learned in the Army is that when your opponent is on his knees you drive him to the ground and choke him out.”
 in 2014, Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel directed $960,000 to Cotton’s Senate campaign.

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