Liberal Media vs Fox News

Here in Eastern-Indiana Teabagistan when I call out Fox News as a propaganda outlet the response is usually that CNN and MSNBC are just as bad but on the liberal side or that Fox has to be that way because the rest of the media is liberal. While this may sound good, I just don't think it's true. It probably appears to be true if you watch Fox or listen to Trump but Fox is in a world of its own maybe not in "FAKE NEWS" but in delivering propaganda.

Don't get me wrong... MSNBC leans left on Trump and social issues. CNN may lean a little left on some social issues but both follow the US capitalist-war-party line most of the time. Both are just bad news sources overall.

But Fox is in a world of its own.

Today's front pages are a pretty good example of this. 

All shots below are from Saturday 2/24/2018 about 8am. I tried to get as much of the main panel as possible but really wanted to show what each source thought was important enough to put at the top of the page. 

I've included Al-Jazeera and the BBC in this comparison.  

Al-Jazeera leans more world and middle east focused with only three US stories, "firms cutting ties with the gun lobby", The Jerusalem embassy, "North Korea", and the "West Virginia teachers strike". 

BBC again has more world news with the main US stories being about guns (4 links) and Manafort

CNN is all over the Mueller story and Guns with just a little Trump bashing. Very little world news. I don't see any hammering-on or any dog-whistles about conservatives or conservative values.

MSNBC, again is all over the Mueller story with only two gun headlines. Definitely some anti-Trump going on. A few dog-whistles about Trump but no anti-conservative or conservative values stories/dog-whistles. (unless you consider even mentioning guns anti-conservative)

Fox. Well.....
  • Their number one story with five headlines/links is devoted to convince their viewers that CNN is fake news and media bias exists
  • The next two hammer on liberals with Obama for wasting taxpayer dollars and letting Ted Cruz hammer Democrats. 
  • They let Tucker Carlson blame "the government" for the school shooting and hammer the education system and students with the Purdue headline. 
  • A side-headline throws in a story about Iran spying on your cell phone.
Nothing about Manafort or even a gun story, just hammering on the media and liberals with headlines and dog-whistles designed to enrage conservatives and Trump voters.

All three US networks are crappy about keeping Americans informed, especially about world events, and MSNBC definitely shows some anti-Trump bias but Fox, again, they are on another planet. Fox seems to think it's main purpose is to convince their viewers that everyone is lying to them and any liberal thought is dangerous.

Fox is a cult.


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