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Why is Intel Community Targeting Kushner? | Informed Comment:
"US intelligence agencies are gunning for Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and have leaked charges to the Washington Post that officials in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, China, and Mexico have privately strategized how to use him as a pawn in their power plays with Washington."
and ...
While the charge that Kushner is at least naive and very possibly corrupt is entirely plausible, we should also be suspicious of the leaks. (And remember, Ed Snowden was villified by the same people for his leaks, but they think it is all right when they do it).
Hypocrocy 101.

Whether leaking secrets to the media is legal or not is not about "the leaks", it's about "who's doing the leaking".

Sort of like drugs i guess... You can push opiates on the masses, kill a bunch of people, and walk away rich if you're a pharma giant but you can go to jail for selling one joint to someone on the street.

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