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The Left is Not a Church | Benjamin Studebaker:
The left is not a church. The left is a political movement that is about winning power and using power to help people.
Agreed. The DSA needs to stay out of the muck and just define a few pieces of popular policy that could really help people and then run with it.  This should work.....
They want to campaign for universal social welfare programs, like single payer. They want to get DSA more involved with unions and workers in their local communities. They want to work to help people who care about their policy agenda get elected. They are committed to discrete policies that both help ordinary people and are politically feasible. They have a realistic strategy for pursuing those policies. They’re goal-oriented. They make sense.
They will be attacked from all sides in many ways. Some will be from inside but most will be from outside. Many attacks will be dirty. That's just how 21st century American politics is. There is too much for the existing establishment to lose to allow the DSA to grab a foothold in the system. It's a dirty game. There is no time for internal squabbling.

Lead..... Blaze a clear, positive trail and let the old order respond. 

Also..... stop referring to people as "comrades" that ain't going to sell in an america that sill remember the Soviet Union, Communist China and Vietnam. see...  DSA Is At A Crossroads – Jeremy Gong – Medium:

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