Vox on Monopoly power

Companies have monopoly power over workers’ wages. That’s killing the economy. - Vox
"To put this into more concrete terms, consider the market for nurses. The median wage for a nurse is about $68,000. Given what we know about the labor market power of medical institutions, the true competitive wage for a nurse would be at least $90,000, possibly as much as $200,000."
A decent and I think mostly correct article. Employers have too much and employees too little power in the US today today and that is suppressing wage growth.

The unions have been busted and for the mass of workers, low wages, no benefits, and crappy hours are the only choice, but..... using nurses as an example is not going to help get the message to the people who need to hear it.

The folks mentioned above, the low education, low wage, workers surviving on 22,000 a year, those who dominate rural America, are not going to be sympathetic to anyone using a 68,000 median wage nurse as an example.

Talk about Walmart, quicky-marts, every other retail, food service, hospitality, low end health care workers, small midwest factory workers and your study might resonate with someone outside of the "Atlantic/New Yorker" crowd.

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