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Teabagistan (Indiana) is a mess. The voters claim they hate the swamp but their politicians are about as swampy as you can get. The R primary for the Senate seat has Messer, about as swampy as you can get against a Teabagger and a filthy rich guy. The House seat that Messer is vacating looks like it'll go to Mike Pence's brother who's been hand-picked by the R Swamp.
"Pence is the unsurprising front-runner in his Republican primary thanks to the $1.2 million he has raised with the help of his powerful brother and other GOP bigwigs; half of his fundraising haul has come from out of state." [FiveThirtyEight: What’s At Stake In The First Big Primary Day Of 2018]

War Drums

Extraordinary Western military movements in Md East before Trump’s Iran decision – some via Israel

Hezbollah in shock election win, gets control of Lebanese parliament. I'd expect this to trigger some reaction from Israel or the Saudis.

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Roaming Charges: All the President’s Lawyers


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