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  • Netanyahu Needs Conflict to Survive  True for all leaders. Nothing unites followers like a good enemy. Trump's ability to position himself against America's enemies, as defined by Fox News, is the source of his rise and power.
He makes shit up. It’s what he does. It’s who he is. We don’t need cable news panelists to debate whether or not his latest lie is actually the truth. It’s not. It’s always a lie.
Yes, he makes shit up but a lot of those lies didn't originate with Trump. They were pushed by right-wing talking heads on Fox News and other right-wing sites long before Trump ran for office. Fox viewers believe that shit and were jumping to vote for someone who could spout that Fox News crap. Trump was the guy but it could have been Bill O'Reilly.

Around the World
It was all vapor, like Trump himself. If it weren’t for the Murdoch press and television and the army of Russian, United Arab Emirates, Saudi and Israeli internet robots, and if it weren’t for the pusillanimous character of the Republican Party, which is afraid to call out Trump on his horse manure, no one would ever have taken this thing seriously to begin with.
About 37% of Iran’s oil exports go to European destinations. All told, the EU is Iran’s number one trading partner. The value of trade between the EU and Iran soared from $9.2 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2017. Given EU leaders’ resolve to nullify the extraterritorial application of US sanctions on Iran, trade between their bloc and the Islamic Republic is unlikely to dip. The angry parting of the EU from the Trump administration over the Iran nuclear deal is set to become a milestone in the weakening of the Western alliance forged 70 years ago in the form of NATO.
I get the feeling the post WWII alliances are fading.

About those Tax Cuts

Medicare for All

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