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The HP-35 Pocket Calculator

Felix Salmon: Nota bene: Flipping modern masters. I liked this....
The fun fact about the Picasso is that it’s being sold by an amateur painter, Sue Gross, who used to copy her artworks using an overhead projector. When she took the Picasso from her marital home, she replaced it with her own copy, and her soon-to-be-ex-husband didn’t notice: he tried to make arrangements to ship her own copy to her, long after she’d taken possession of the real thing.
A not-your-average-soccer-mom SUV, the $100,000 505 Horsepower Alfa Romeo Stelvio. They won't be selling many of these to mid-western Trump voter.

More from the Middle East

Nice way to start a New Era. Haaretz 2018.05.14

Nobody cares about the criminal in the White House? Tell us how you feel...

The president is implicated in a counter-intelligence investigation into collusion with a foreign adversary, his mobbed up personal lawyer is under investigation for payoffs to porn stars on the president's behalf, he and half the cabinet are engaged in open graft and corruption and he's a pathological liar whose administration is in total chaos and meltdown every single day. But nobody is talking about it and nobody cares because the economy is good. Actually I hear this from Democrats too only they say nobody cares because the economy is bad. 
I don't believe it. The country is being run by a blatant criminal who is so unfit for the office he's single-handedly changing the global order because of it. It is the most shocking and stunning political story in my lifetime, akin to what happened in the 1930s and the 1850s. And if it's true that nobody cares about any of that then our political culture is so fucked up that we might as well throw in the towel. 

I wish I'd said this......


CNN front page with not a word about "Israelis hurling bullets" at the Palestinians or noting that all 37 dead are Palestinians

CNN still not even trying...the front page a few hours later.

No mention of who were killed, "clashes" instead of "shooting Palestinian's like fish in a barrel" and always "the right to defend" even though they are shooting over a wall into another country.

Bad Guy of the Day

First Palestinian disturbances in Gaza Monday – funded by Iran, says Shin Bet. At one time in my life, everything bad that happened in the world was blamed on the Soviets/communists. When they collapsed we started blaming everything on "Terrorism". It looks like Iran is the new bad guy of the day. 

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