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Middle East
"Within Israel, Netanyahu’s decision to publicly divulge information on a recent covert operation drew criticism. Most observers, including the Iranian Foreign Ministry, say he did so as part of an Israeli campaign to persuade Trump to withdraw from the JCPOA. 
But it is also possible that Netanyahu was acting at Trump’s request, revealing the sensitive information to give Trump a reason to withdraw from the agreement. In other words, he might have been doing Trump a favor."
Someone's trying to give Netanyahu a little cover by planting the seed that our Idiot-in-Chief, Trump, might have requested the stupid show rather that Netanyahu just volunteering it.
Cashing In
War Money

  • U.S. freezes funding for Syria's "White Helmets" This is odd. The White Helmets get some bad press around the world as a Syrian Rebel connected group that often tries to sway US opinion with propaganda. They've been the key players in the various Syrian chemical weapon stories, which have really never been verified and mostly look like false-flag stories. I wonder if someone is tiring of the tricks? Or ... maybe just a White Helmet backer getting the word out to the various lobbies that their funding is about to be cut.

All the Worlds a Stage

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