Life lesson 

It's Our Way or the Highway

Target Marketing

"The right-wing media will need to drop this story altogether or start making it a story about liberal evil soon."
It didn't take long to get the answer.

The Political Turmoil in Italy

Wars for Oil
  • Our next wars may be fought over Natural Gas. 

Rogue Nations
On Dec. 21, 2017 the United Nations General Assembly rejected the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by a 128-9 vote. The only countries to side with Israel and the U.S. were Guatemala, Honduras, Marshall islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, and for good balance, Togo. 

War Crimes?
  • War Crimes - Gaza Kites. Is this the best video they have? I mean, it doesn't stand up very well against those Israeli Soldiers firing real bullets at unarmed Palestinians.

All through the 2016 election campaign, this story kept coming to my mind. Donald Trump is manifestly not very smart in the sense of understand­ing nuance or being able to discern the truth among many propositions. But he is very good at acting like a machine-learning system that is co-evolving with the attention-maximization systems built into our ad-driven systems. 
Listening to Trump campaign is like listening to a “psychic” perform a cold reading: “Someone here is thinking of a relative; no, it’s a friend; a close friend; a male friend; no, a female friend; an older woman; no, a young woman; a young woman who’s dead; no, she’s in trouble; she’s sick; no, she’s disabled; she’s rich; no, she’s poor; her name is Mary; no, Sara; no, Tanya – who here is thinking about their friend, a disabled young girl named Tanya? 
Trump campaigns like this, a gabble of contradictory statements that is steered by approbation from his crowd: the more they cheer him on, the more of whatever he was just saying he gives them – and Trump is very good at detecting people who are cheering him on (this also works well on Twitter, of course).


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