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Good Stuff
Rolling Stone interview with Johnny Depp. Depp is out there. It's a good thing he's rich and famous (well maybe rich) or he'd probably be dead by now.
Summer Jam at Watkins Glen

Power ShiftFracking changed everything. Now what?

Middle East
The Defiance that Launched Gaza’s Flaming Kites Cannot be Extinguished
Palestinians encaged in Gaza, denied entry and exit by Israel via land, sea and air for more than a decade, know that life there is rapidly becoming unsustainable.

On the road to Eurasia, Eastasia, Oceania, and MAGA.
The whole world sees it: Trump is doing lasting damage to the global order that made the U.S. a superpower.  Trump's and his followers see MAGA as putting America in a position where it can bully the rest of the world to follow America's rules. I wonder how they'll feel when Trumps antics force the rest of the world to realign to balance against MAGA's bullying tactics.  

1 big thing ... The unraveling: An angry American weekend
Trump’s way — the lying, the name-calling, the nastiness — is quickly becoming the American way for many of his friends and foes. This, in turn, numbs people to the truly outrageous, and hardens the tribal instincts of political combatants. This will get worse before it gets better. 
Though this is Trump's way, it has also been the way of Right-wing media from Rush to Fox News. They are why we have Trump. The left may be waking up.

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