Rs vs Ds

Health Insurance Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Is on the Line. The biggest difference between Rs and Ds is that R's just can't resist the urge to just fuck with people. The Trump-era Rs are just downright mean. 


US logistical support for the Saudi Arabia, UAE, attack on Yemen's port city of Hudaida

Not War

North Korea vs Iran. Again, the Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting was a first step but the follow through will be more important. Both of these guys talk big but often fail to deliver.

Trump and the Nobel Prize

I'd guess we'll see calls for a Trump Nobel prize from his supporters though if one is given for this meeting then both Trump and Kim Jong Un should share the prize. That seems a pretty risky move for the Nobel folks as either of these two strong-men could end up nuking someone, starting a major war, or destroying the worlds economy. Would they really want to take that chance? Obama's drone war and middle east shenanigans after receiving the award were bad enough but to give a Nobel to these two seems damned risky.


Fox must not be too happy about Trump-Kim Jong Un. Today all the major news sources have something about the historic meeting but at 8:15am there are only a couple small side-bar headlines on the Fox News front page.


The Onion nails it. Trump Touts Success Of Singapore Summit After Securing $10 Billion Trade Deal To Sell Nuclear Warheads To North Korea


US folks bitching about North Korean Human Rights when we're helping bomb the hell out of Palestine and Yemen.


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