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Mexico election: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador claims victory
Pointing to Lopez Obrador's nationalism, stubborn nature and put-downs of rivals, critics have compared him to US President Donald Trump. Others fear his ambitious proposals for government programmes, without tax increases, may push the country down the path of crisis-hit Venezuela. 
They just assume it's Venezuela's socialist policies that led to their economic crisis when US driven sanctions look like the main driver to me. Also, maybe the left has a chance in the world today. 

Medicare For All
The Best Health Care in the world? The US is not even close to the rest of the major countries. We pay the most and are at the bottom of the list in overall ratings

Middle East
What's the big deal... of the century? Welcome to Trump's Pax Americana in the Middle East.  Like the Trump trade wars have been showing the rest of the world they should have a balance to US financial power, his minion's work on the Israeli occupation looks like it will finally show the world the US is not an even handed player in the conflict. I guess, maybe the rest of the world already knows this so maybe it will open the eyes of the American people.

Good Design is Simple

US Media Blind Spot
Promoting human rights around the world while ignoring the Israeli occupation. It’s time for Tom Friedman to face the contradictions of liberal Zionism, and move on

US Media Blind Spot #2
I didn't see anything on CNN about this. China issues warning for citizens traveling to US

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