Head in The Sand

The Rude Pundit is on it:  Republicans Won't Save Us Because Their Voters Don't Want to Be Saved: A Farce in Six Acts


Legalizing Apartheid

and religion. Israeli police detained on Thursday a Conservative rabbi who presided over non-Orthodox weddings.

In recording, Netanyahu boasts Israel convinced Trump to quit Iran nuclear deal - Well,... Sheldon's 30-50 million to the R's helped a little too


Shroud of Turin is still a fake

Speaking of Traitors

NIKKI HALEY: UNHRC’S AGENDA 7 IS ‘DIRECTED AGAINST ISRAEL’S EXISTENCE’ - Who does Nikki Haley Work For?  We never hear from her unless she's protecting Israel at the UN.

Health Care

Vote for these people. Medicare for All Caucus.


Arm the Left.  - The left needs to just shut-up about gun control. It ain't gonna happen for a long time and bringing it up guarantees the rural, white, used-to-be-a-union-democrat is going to vote for the R's. This is a better way to go. Arm the left and watch the R leadership freak-out. 

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