Making America weaker on the global stage one stupid step at a time.


Cybersecurity’s insidious new threat: workforce stress -  What really drives me crazy is I know that regardless of what we do, eventually, someday, someone is going to get into the network. It will be costly, embarrassing, and probably cost someone their job.

Fake News

Twitter CEO defends decision not to ban Alex Jones and InfoWars - censorship is never good and banning the crazy from places where people can see is just keeps it hidden in the weeds. If we can see it, we can react to it and fight it. 

American Corrupitalism

Wilbur Ross edition -  New Details About Wilbur Ross’ Business Point To Pattern Of Grifting - Our elite let this sort or corruption, Manafort, Ross, Trump, Clinton, etc. run wild until they need leverage over you or to take you down. Then they drag it out and use it for their own gain.

Chris Collins edition - New York Rep. Chris Collins indicted on insider trading charges

Interfering in Elections

Possibility of Russian interference in 2018 election divides Americans - Israeli interference,... well,.. not so much.... Sheldon Adelson gives 30 million to R's after Trump's US embassy move.

Speaking of foreign governments interfering in other's elections. Israel running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn

Kids these days

Heading in the right direction. Socialism is becoming more popular with Baby Boomers  Capitalism eventually eats its own, chewing up more and more of the weak in favor of the powerful. Some level of socialism at least gives the working class a chance.

Bad News

From Fox.....

That's right Fox Viewers, the Ds can't win. Nothing to worry about, the R's have it in the bag. All you old Fox News cult members can just stay home and skip voting next time.

Back in the real world.... It looks like D's have flipped two and ran damn close in another two or three of Ten solid R districts.

Also,.. Fox chose to put this piece of shit "anti-medicare for all" article on the front page today..

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