Tuesday Night


This Is So Much Bigger Than Paul Manafort - American Corrupitalism
America has become the sanctuary of choice for laundered money, a bastion of shell companies and anonymously purchased real estate. American elites have learned to plant money offshore with acumen that comes close to matching their crooked counterparts’ abroad.


Survivorship Bias on Wheels - On cars.


StoneKettle Station  - Zero Sum
These white conservatives, they're all mad, pissed off, they have no idea why and they don't care. Pissed off is an identity, the identity, of modern conservatives. They're always mad about something, always certain they are being attacked, diminished, made lesser somehow, under assault, being invaded and violated.

Human Rights

Israel normalizing war crimes in Gaza - They don't need no stinkin' human rights


Taibbi: Censorship Does Not End Well

Health Care

Medicare for All! - Donald Trump is making Medicare-for-all inevitable

Medicare for All!! - Sorry, Bernie Is Right

Medicare for All!!! - The tale of two Medicares: Canadian and American

Medicare for All!!!! - Enrolling Americans in Medicaid Is Now Cheaper Than Subsidizing Their Obamacare Coverage


Socialism works for broadband -  A Community-Run ISP Is the Highest Rated Broadband Company in America

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