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"After Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical attack on civilians in April 2017, Trump called Mattis and said he wanted to assassinate the dictator. “Let’s fucking kill him! Let’s go in. Let’s kill the fucking lot of them,” Trump said, according to Woodward." 
Assad's Chemical attack is just accepted as fact by our media, left or right. It was never proven. There was at least some evidence it was staged but now, it is accepted as fact forever by both sides. 
U.S. Envoy Warns That Syria Preparing To Use Chemical Weapons In Idlib - Here we go again.


Exploring Trump's Claim of Using Tariffs to Pay Down $21 Trillion in Debt - Believe it when you see it.

The United States is going to become the warehouse for global soybean supplies - Making Brazil Soybeans Great

The OP-Ed. I'm going with Pence. Even though it says the person "could be fired" and Pence really couldn't.
All BS all the Time: Trump Shows Reporters an Article Praising Him, Then Lies About What It Says

And...Trump Suggests Nike’s Kaepernick Hire Is Fine – Because They Rent From Him
"Donald Trump is the most dishonest president in American history 95 percent of the time. But during that other 5 percent, his shamelessness — and utter dearth of impulse control — renders him the most disarmingly (and self-destructively) honest public figure in modern memory."

Medicare for All - or better yet, complete-full-coverage, Medicare for All!

Soaring bankruptcy rates signal a 'coming storm of broke elderly,' study finds
Medical costs are a frequent tipping point for older bankruptcy filers, the study found.


Speaking Interfering in our Politics - Israel Targeted Black Lives Matter Movement: Documentary


What could go wrong?

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