October Surprise

With the election approaching, I keeping thinking of this chart.

I don't care about "How Trump Compares" what I care about is that the approval rating for Bush went from about 50% to over 90% on 9-11 and didn't fall back to 50% for almost two years.

Think about that. George W. Bush had approval rating of over 90%, George W. Bush. 

An attack on the homeland will make the US come together around their president no matter how bad he is. 

Again, George W. Bush at over 90%!?  WTF.

Now realize that Trump, our own crazy right-wingers, Trump's Russian associates, and the Israeli Likud party, who interfere in our elections all the time, all know this and want the Rs to stay in power.

What do you think this year's October surprise might be?

What would be most effective for the Rs? Yeah.

In the last week we've had a ricin mailing and a Chinese spying-by-hardware news blips. Both fell from the news cycle pretty quickly but both are stories that could have had an affect on the election.
So,... what's next?

It scares the hell out of me...... 

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