World Order

China’s vision of world order is a more radical departure—and more realistic alternative—than the West understands. - For the world as a whole, this seem like a better plan than Trump's MAGA.


How Plutocratic Media Keeps Staff Aligned With Establishment Agendas - Being part of the US media is like being in the cool kids group in high school.  You have to play by their rules or you are banished to the lower classes.


Dollar Stores Are Targeting Struggling Urban Neighborhoods and Small Towns. One Community Is Showing How to Fight Back. - If you live near a dollar store, you might be a redneck..... or at least poor.


The people don't get what they want. Found at The Big Picture

Fake News

One of these headlines is not like the others. Google News 2018.12.08

Saudis vs Turks

Haaretz playing for the Saudi side? (Haaretz.com 2018.12.11)

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