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US warns German firms of possible sanctions over Russia pipeline
The pipeline, which would carry gas straight to Germany under the Baltic Sea, is driving a wedge between Germany and its allies as it would deprive Ukraine of the lucrative gas transit fees it currently enjoys.
We really need to stop fucking with other countries economies. What right do we have to tell Germany they can't buy gas from Russia if the pipeline doesn't go through the Ukraine?
Also,  Trump's Ambassador Finds Few Friends in Germany

Tens of thousands take to streets in Act 9 of ‘Yellow Vest’ protests - Wow and according to US media, the French protests don't exist.


It looks to me like "Iranian" has replaced "terrorist" as the get-out-of-jail-free card for bombing the shit out of people you don't like.

White House Asked Pentagon for Military Options Against Iran, Report Says
U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton requested the Pentagon to provide Washington with military options to strike Iran after three mortars launched by Iran-affiliated militants fell near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.
Netanyahu Reveals Israel Struck Iranian Arms in Damascus Over the Weekend

also, Yemen

Things We May Not Speak Of

What ever happen to this story?  Secret case in Washington involves mystery corporation owned by ‘Country A’. Is it linked to Robert Mueller’s probe?

Taxes and Propaganda

Memo to conservatives: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez understands taxes better than you do - It ain't just conservatives, Americans in general have no idea how taxes work. Though most in conservative media do understand, they're just trying to keep the rubes confused.

The Propaganda Network

Fox is on it today (1/14/2019). The D's are slackers, the FBI is corrupt, and the youngsters are ignorant. News journalism at it's finest......

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