Qualifying for the Fed
An independent central bank is one of the rare free lunches in economics: it can secure low and stable inflation without sacrificing long-run economic growth. But acquiring that free lunch requires that the institution be run by high-caliber technicians who shun short-run political aims, focusing instead on the long-run goals of price stability and maximum sustainable employment. In the same way that we want military commanders, public health officials, and nuclear or transport safety administrators to be apolitical professionals, so should we aim for central bankers with technical expertise that is above partisan politics. History is replete with disasters that resulted from the politicization of such key government functions. 

On Assange

Debunking All The Assange Smears


It looks like the state D's would rather see an establishment D than someone who can beat Trump. - We Asked Democratic Activists Who They’re Backing — And Who They’d Hate To See Win

Trump Will Leave And Will Not Launch A Coup - I agree with Ian Welsh, Trump isn't looking to stay around. He'll convert his time in the White House to cash as soon as possible. Anyone claiming otherwise is lying to you for political reasons.

American Corrupitalism

When laissez-faire is corrupted

Tax Scammers -  Found at Naked Capitalism


In Drive to Overthrow Iran, Trump stops Waivers for Oil Purchases from Tehran - Trump, Bolton and Pompeo being dicks. This probably hurts the US in the long run as the rest of the world works out methods to make deals without using US dollars or banks.

Zogby on Netanyahu's Win
With Netanyahu back for his fifth term as prime minister, liberals must now face reality. They can no longer see Israel as a romanticized “idea” of a progressive state governed by liberal values. Rather it has demonstrated that it is an illiberal ethno-nationalist society that has applied an apartheid-like repressive system to enable their continued rule over a captive Palestinian people.

I thought ISIS had been defeated?


Fox Front Page today and link to the article (which has a different headline).

No More Mr Nice blog has a summary of good responses to the Fox BS.
Let's apply this logic to other situations: 
* Workplace safety laws were a slap in the face to all the people who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. 
* The Voting Rights Act was a slap in the face to every black Southerner who tried to register to vote but was rejected by white racists. 
* Roe v. Wade was a slap in the face to every woman who ever self-administered a coathanger abortion. 
* The defeat of Hitler was a slap in the face to everyone who suffered under the Third Reich 
* Modern anesthesia is a slap in the face to anyone who had surgery after drinking a slug of whiskey and biting on a bullet. 
* Rural electrification was a slap in the face to the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, who read law books by candlelight. 
* The invention of cooking was a slap in the face to our primate ancestors, who ate raw meat and plants.

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