Top Ten differences between the Iraq War and Trump’s Proposed Iran War - Yes but we're probably not going to invade Iran. We'll just make up some reason to bomb the shit out of them.

Are we sure Iran is the main threat to peace?  - Saudi-UAE coalition carries out deadly air raids on Yemen's Sanaa: Six Civilians killed.

Not everyone believes the administration on Iran. US claims of Iran threat to coalition forces in Middle East rejected by British general

War - Cyber Wars

Lawyer involved in suits against Israel's most notorious cyber-arms dealer targeted by its weapons

More on  NSO Group is a notorious Israeli cyber-arms dealer

War - Currency War

Trump Asks the Fed Start a Currency War With China

War - Trade War

The United States is preparing tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods. Here are all the products that will get hit. - There are a lot of things Real-'Muricuns buy on that list. Inflation is on the way.

War - On Women

Sharia Law comes to America - Could abortion become illegal in America? All signs point to yes


Earthquake at sea causes tremors on Israeli coast and Jerusalem - Netanyahu blames Iranian-backed terrorists !? (not really, just a little humor this evening)


Stumbling and Mumbling: Debating the Far Right - Good post. Lots of connections to Trump's popularity and right-wing media power. Of course it would all apply to the left too but the world's sort of stuck in right-wing mode right now.

White House Mulls Plan to Send Up to 120,000 Troops to Middle East: NYT - Trump called this fake news? This is getting complicated. It could be fake news but since almost everything Trump says is a lie, I doubt it. It's most likely true given the other recent headlines.

Could it be fake news planted by the administration to help build on Trump's fake news mantra? The last several administrations used leaks to sway opinion and promote their agenda while the media just ate it up. Part of the Trump administration's agenda is to convince the Fox News watchers that the other media is really fake news. What better way to do this than to leak a few fake stories and then call them out.

I don't think you can trust anything at this point.


Political Confessional: I Think Democrats Should Compromise On Abortion To Win Votes - I think Ds and SDs should ease up on gun control to win votes. Out here in the sticks of rural Indiana Teabagistan folks who once were loyal union member Ds are now rabid NRA right wingers. 


The Coming Generation War: The Democrats are rapidly becoming the party of the young—and the consequences could be profound. - It can't come too soon. The dying Boomer-Reagan generation rules the world right now and they are fucking things up at an astonishing rate.

Make Elizabeth Warren Hate Again: We don’t just need Elizabeth Warren’s ideas. We need her rage. - Our current left just hasn't had the rage of the boomers in the 60's but I feel it's coming. Warren and Bernie are the oldster leaders and are OK but really AOC is a godsend in that respect. She fights back. We need more like her.

Falling US Birth Rates - It looks like that North Dakota Oil boom has led to a baby boom too.

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