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Are people who make $200k middle-class?  Articles like this just don't work. Out here in Teabagistan, 200k a year makes you a 1%-er. On the coasts you're probably middle class.

But no matter. Healthy capitalism requires a biggish state not only to provide subsidies to banks, corporate welfare, infrastructure and automatic stabilizers, but also to provide good enough public services to diminish discontent. Shrinking the state and supporting capitalism are two different things.


What is Congress Doing?
"Official Washington, and particularly the U.S. Senate, seems strikingly nonplused.  Last month, the House passed ten of the twelve appropriations bills required for the government to operate.  Left behind were the relatively inconsequential Legislative Branch appropriations bill and the bitterly contentious Homeland Security appropriations legislation.  House leaders apparently see little point in forcing their Members to take difficult and divisive votes on immigration-related questions when having a House-passed bill likely will be irrelevant to the final outcome:  these issues will be negotiated with the Senate and the White House and could well trigger another government shutdown. 

     In the Senate, appropriations legislation is going nowhere.  Not one single bill has been considered even at the subcommittee level, and no committee or floor action is on the horizon.  Understanding why provides important insights into our nation’s politics."

The Turn of the Pelosi Screw
That Pelosi is more attuned to the Republican side of the Duopoly, and that she despises progressive Democrats with every fiber of her being is also becoming more painfully obvious by the day. In fact, she is beginning to sound a lot like the authoritarian Trump himself, with her strident demands to her caucus for loyalty to party over loyalty to constituents and country.
Pelosi needs to go.

Life lessons

Good Advice on Taking advice - Whose advice should you take?

What makes a good manager?


A Midsummer Overview Of The Democratic Field - Silver and 538 seem to be working for the D establishment more than ever. I haven't seen a 538 post in awhile that didn't downplay Bernie.

This post puts him in the same range as Buttigieg behind Biden, Harris, and Warren while almost every poll shows him above or equal to Harris/Warren and always ahead of Buttigieg.

Silver may be downplaying Sanders since the D establishment is working so hard against him and he knows his chances aren't good but Bernie is still popular even with negative corporate media coverage and the D establishment working against him at every step.

Imagine how popular he'd be with some support.

Still, I do agree with this - THE ABSURDITY OF AN EIGHTYSOMETHING PRESIDENT - We need some young blood.

Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden Condemn Israeli Occupation, as Young American Jews Urge Democrats to Press Israel - If true, I'd expect these two to drop in the next few pols.

Trump's Tweets

Trump Slams Bitcoin in Tweet Storm: What Does It Mean? Anything? - There's no way in hell Trump wrote these. I mean,.... "Similarly, Facebook Libra’s “virtual currency” will have little standing or dependability." That is not Trump.


New Coke Didn’t Fail. It Was Murdered. - A good article showing how a stubborn minority can force change.

Police state

Scary privacy stuff (if true) - This Is Palantir’s Top-Secret User Manual for Cops

Free Press?

Leaked cables quote Britain's US envoy as saying that US president ditched agreement because it was Obama's deal.
"London's Metropolitan Police sparked widespread condemnation on Saturday after warning journalists that publishing leaked documents could be a criminal matter." 
Glenn Greenwald becomes focus of Brazil press freedom debate

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