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Three Big Things: The Most Important Forces Shaping the World


The Code That Controls Your Money  - COBOL still going strong.


Election 2020: a Democratic Mandate or a Vote Against Trump?

In 2016, HRC won the popular vote by 2.1%.

In 2020,  Biden won the popular vote by 3.8%. 

All it took to move the needle that 1.7% was....

  • Trump letting the COVID pandemic run wild.
  • Tanking the economy.
  • Riots in the streets for months.
  • Trump destroying the US reputation around the world,  rage tweeting daily and lying about everything. Basically proving he was not capable of governing.


A dark money mystery in Florida centers on the campaign of a spoiler candidate who appeared to help a Republican win by 32 votes

..[The company] was created in Delaware in 2019. Its president is listed in its corporate filings as Richard Alexander. Attempts to reach Alexander were unsuccessful; a phone number for the company is no longer working and its listed address is a UPS store in Atlanta. Staff at the store confirmed that Proclivity had a mailbox, but declined to provide any additional information, citing client confidentiality."

"The money went through a pair of PACs, one of which has connections to a young Republican political strategist named Alex Alvarado. Alvarado's stepfather is president of the company paid to print the fliers. The company is run out of an Orlando-area home that Alvarado's stepfather and mother own, records show."

We'll never have another fair election until we eliminate the ability of people to hide behind front-corporations. 


Drudge links to Bullshit story on 2020.11.24

The U.S. Dollar Is Being Systematically Destroyed, And We Are On A Path That Inevitably Leads To Hyperinflation - November 23, 2020 by Michael Snyder

Fox News with a bullshit front page headline. The actual headline of the article (11/24/20)

AOC, Ted Cruz spar over coronavirus aid stalemate as clock ticks for Congress to make deal

How the Fox Front page shows it.

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