Forecasters always think interest rates are going to go up. Found here: CapTrust


How much democracy can we afford. Extraordinary Spending in the 2020 Campaign


Trump, Worse than Nixon - Why Nixon didn't demand a recount in 1960.

Good one on Trump from StoneKettle Station: Siesta

Ann Coulter: What America Wants Is ‘Trumpism without Trump’ - Trumpism without Trump is the FoxNews-ism of the last 20 years.

I purposely broke the link. I don't want to help that vile person make a buck. Fuck Ann Coulter.


Mainly Macro on balancing facts vs lies  I agree the media handled Trumps post election crap pretty well. A few thoughts.

  • Media that got rich off of Trump's ranting over the last few years either,
    • Cared more about the country than dollars.
    • Don't really need Trump for ratings dollars during the election period.
    • Were just tired of his crap and wanted him to go.
  • Fox News could have thrown us into chaos if their News division had sided with Trump.
  • National Media has too much power.
  • People do get tired of assholes after a while.

More on the power of the national media here.  Felix Salmon - When the news is what the news did

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