The First Thing We Do #2

Trump Has Proven the US Is Ripe for a Right-wing Coup

Yep. We are ripe. The D's have a chance but if they don't really help people this time the future looks bleak.

If I were in Biden's shoes

#1 - Fix the medical system. It's breaking us. We need some base level of medical care that's not tied to our jobs, won't cost a fortune, and will protect our assets when we have a heath event.

#2 - Stabilize the election system  - We won't survive another Cluster-F* like this. Work with the R's to fix it early in the term but don't roll it out until 2024 or even 28. That'll give everyone a chance to prepare.

#3  - Make peace with the Gun Owners. The R's most loyal supporters outside of of evangelicals.

#4 - Tax the Rich and spend the money making America a good place for the workers. 

  • 40-50% on over a 1million a year
  • passive income should be taxed like labor
  • remove the Social Security tax limit. Or at least bump it up a bunch, maybe to 500,000 or 1 million.
  • Spend it on healthcare, infrastructure, education at all levels, childcare for workers, etc.
#5  - Legalize weed and pardon all weed offenders.

#6 - Tighten up on American Crapitalism

  • Make business, non-profits, and politics more transparent.
  • Give the workers more power by supporting unions.

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